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But no one should have to struggle to find the insurance that gets them the care they need when and where they need it.

The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance built to help connect you to free expert help in your community and around the state. Below you will find options to call and talk to a real person who can walk you through the complicated maze of health insurance. If you’re more the DIY type, you can find options to apply online right now.

We’ve also got common questions and answers that may help you find coverage or get help paying for your health insurance.

Your health is important.

Speak to an Expert

A health insurance expert can help you find the best affordable plan for you. These experts work at organizations like the United Way and Covering Wisconsin and have access to all health insurance options available to Wisconsinites from private insurance to BadgerCare Plus. Health insurance experts don’t make money by signing you up for a plan.

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Anywhere in Wisconsin
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Are You 65 Years of Age or Older or Need Help with Medicare?
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Common Questions and Answers

If you lose your health insurance plan from work, you can sometimes keep that insurance for up to 18 months. This option is called COBRA. With COBRA, you usually pay the full cost of the plan.

Starting April 1, if you lost your plan because you were laid off or had your hours cut, the American Rescue Plan:

  • Gives you a new opportunity to enroll in COBRA, even if you missed or decided not to enroll during your initial 60-day COBRA election period.
  • Helps pay 100% of your COBRA premium until September 30, 2021.

Before you decide, consider:

  • COBRA premiums will only be paid until the end of September and then you may be responsible for the full cost of the plan.
  • Most people can now get low-cost (and sometimes free) plans from, including people who collect unemployment insurance at any time during 2021.

Get free, expert help determining whether COBRA or a plan on is the best option for you.

ObamaCare is a common name for health insurance available for purchase on the federal marketplace. You might have also heard it called 

You can apply for a plan on right now or you can get free expert help.  

You might even be able to get help paying for some or all of the costs of your premium.  

Health insurance is complicated. You don’t have to figure it out alone.  

Get Help

You might be able to get low-cost or no-cost health insurance. You might also be eligible for the State of Wisconsin’s health insurance program called BadgerCare Plus. 

The best way to find out if you qualify is to get free, expert help. 

Call (877) 947-2211

You might qualify for BadgerCare Plus if your income is below certain levels.  

Find out if you qualify by getting free expert help. 

Great! Select the option you want below and get started now. 

Yes. If you want to purchase a health insurance plan, you can buy one directly from an insurance agent.  

To qualify for help paying your premium, you have to apply with the help of someone who will process your application on  

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